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Infinity is committed to each and every client we partner with because we believe our reputation is one of the most critical elements of our success.

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How We Do It

At Infinity, we believe the success is in the details. Our process has been designed to put the “full-service” back into retained recruiting. We do this by providing the highest level of service and detail to our Clients. When you partner with Infinity, you will immediately see what sets us apart from our competitors.

To put our best foot forward in a challenging market, we must first understand your opportunity. We have to know what will make your opportunity attractive to a Candidate, as well as what challenges you face. To accomplish this, we conduct an onsite community/practice profile & opportunity evaluation on every search. We tour the facilities, meet the staff, and profile the community, schools, real-estate and everything else that would affect a Candidate & their spouse. Our goal is to walk in the shoes of the Candidate and be able to answer all of the questions that they will have about your opportunity and community while being able to provide a firsthand experience which gains a level of credibility with Candidates that most others can’t offer.

We evaluate and make recommendations on the Client’s on-site interview process to ensure the best possible Candidate experience during the interview. If needed, Infinity will also help our Client design a Client-Candidate agreement that is not only competitive, but also moves in the direction of our Client’s goals. Infinity can also provide consultation & education to our Clients on up to date RVU/Production based incentives.

We are constantly consulting with each Client on market trends & data, offering insight into the recruiting market that a Client may not otherwise have. We offer consultation on current financial packages, RVU/Production based incentive programs and almost any other education a Client may need.

There is no “single best way” to market a Client’s opportunities. We can create a customized targeted marketing strategy for each Client to reach the Candidates that may best suit their opportunity and their community.

Infinity has one of the most in-depth and detailed screening processes in the industry. We identify and screen Candidates & spouses to not only gain insight to their skills but more importantly their character, work ethic, and the different motivating factors that would make them the right fit for our client. The hours spent with every Candidate prior to the actual interview allows us to offer our Clients a “behind the scenes look” at every Candidate before the decision is made to bring them onsite.

Once it’s determined a Candidate is a fit for our Client, not just professionally, but more importantly a fit for the community and the people; your recruiter will prepare a very detailed and extensive Professional Dossier on the Candidate. This is an all-encompassing document that allows our Client to look at the past, present, and potential future of the Candidate, their spouse, their family as well as their personal & professional goals.

Once our Client has reviewed the Professional Dossier and our Client has determined the Candidate is a potential fit, your recruiter will schedule and arrange the travel for the Candidate’s onsite interview. Your recruiter works hand in hand with you to develop a customized itinerary to maximize the effectiveness of the onsite interview.

Prior to a Candidate’s onsite interview, Infinity will provide at least three professional references for our Client to review.

Then, just prior to the Candidates’ onsite interview, Infinity will create and bind a professional Interview Book that we will then ship to the Candidate. The Candidate’s Interview Book will contain everything they will need to know from the moment they walk out of their door until they return. Your recruiter will conduct a Pre-Interview phone call with the Candidate and their spouse to ensure they are 100% prepared and ready for their interview. Your recruiter will walk the Candidate and spouse step-by-step through the on-site itinerary, step-by-step through their travel itinerary, all the while keeping them excited about their visit and the opportunity. Most importantly your recruiter prepares the Candidate for the decision making process and prepares them for a timely decision. Your recruiter immediately contacts you after the Pre-Interview call to provide feedback on the interview in preparation for the Candidate’s upcoming onsite interview. In many cases, the details discovered in this meeting will make all the difference when closing the Candidate.
Immediately following the Candidates’ onsite interview, your recruiter will conduct the Post-Interview call with the Candidate & spouse as well as with our Client, paying careful attention to every detail in order to move everyone closer to a successful placement. Our recruiters maintain constant contact and can act as a liaison for our Clients while we walk the Candidate step by step through the closing process to make every effort for a successful close.

Although there is no “magic bullet or guarantee” of success in physician recruiting, and anyone telling you such isn’t being honest; Infinity  takes pride in our Integrity, Drive, and Determination to be successful for every Client we are fortunate enough to call Partners.

They provided an extraordinary level of direction, expertise and guidance throughout the process while never forgetting we were the client and ultimate decision maker … (read full letter)
Gerald J. Barbini, Chief Executive Officer, Allegan General Hospital
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