Anyone who has been in the recruiting industry for any period of time has felt the “tough losses” of losing a candidate they knew was the right fit for their opportunity and their community. A “tough loss” in recruiting is much like playing a hard fought basketball game, only to lose by a half court shot in the last 2 seconds of regulation. You know you played a great game only to let off the gas in the final seconds.

One of the most common reasons for a “tough loss” in recruiting is thinking you have this one wrapped up and letting off the gas during “The Close”.

There is an old adage that says “the deal isn’t done until the ink is dry”. In recruiting, I would go even a step further and say the deal isn’t done until you see the white in their eyes and the stethoscope around their neck. What this means is even if you conduct the best of interviews and the candidate is expressing great excitement about your opportunity; after they leave your interview or sign your LOI (Letter of Intent) you have to push hard to get your candidate the actual contract as quickly as possible (ideally no longer than 7-10 days after their interview). It also means that after they sign the contract, you need to maintain regular contact with the candidate and keep them excited about the opportunity. Until they physically relocate to your community and you see the white of their eyes, there is no such thing as done.

The close starts in your wrap-up meeting at the end of their interview. If you are able to have an LOI or, even better, a contract for them to sign you would be surprised how many times you would complete an interview with a signed contract.

Cody Hall, CEO
Infinity Physician Resources

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